Presentation of the scrap iron plant

Vasker-Plusz Ltd has been formed on 15 Sept. 1999.
Main activities scrap iron retail and wholesale.
Main Services: scrap iron processing, delivery, trading.
The company has been established a modern scrap yard which is comply with the expectations of regional car junkyard in 2005.

The company own the latest scrap iron processing machines, multilift containers, plagiary machine, briquetting machine, cabel mill machine, Lying dry machine, 60 ton weigh bridge. Our company has a few truck, loader, trolley. With our technical background we can work in the wide range of scrap iron thus, the result is a clean product.

In the plain region our company has a leader position, because nobody has a similar technical background in this region, but there is a few company only which have a similar technical background like our company. The company’s leaders have more than 20 years experience in the scrap iron processing and trading. The change in market conditions and regulatory changes allocate to the major developments the enterprise leaders.

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