Frequently Asked Questions

How much to take over car?
The price list you can see in the FAQ.

What is it mean that complete condition?
The complete condition mean that No missing any parts which has been in the car, when the car was new.

How do we know that how much is the weight?
Determination of the weight of the motor vehicle registration certificate is used, which is shown in the net weight of the vehicle.

What kind of document do we need to withdraw the car from the traffic?

  • Registration Certificate
  • pedigree
  • Vehicle owners must be present, or, failing that attorney signed by two witnesses

MIs delivery free to anywhere?
In Békés county to anywhere, outside of Békés county is depent on the distance

Where and in what circumstances will I be paid?
The payment is on site.

Where does the demolition Acceptance certificate to be issued?
A certificate of destruction issued in Szarvas in Békés at number 102. These certificates of destruction and then will be returned to the former owners.

How long time do you need to go for the cars?
From the signed up 1-2 weeks.

The withdrawal is carried out by your company?
No, the withdraw could be happen only by the owner who can organise it in the document office. The owner need to carry the certificate of destruction, license plate , registration and pedigree.

How much is the widtdraw int he document office?
The Finaly withdraw is 2300 Ft

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